Monday, July 10


...Answered prayer. Kirk heard this morning that he has landed a job as a discourse analyst with H5 Technologies in San Francisco. This is a linguistics related job. He starts tomorrow. So he'll be camping at Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Sue's place in Walnut Creek until he can find a place to live.

...I saw my first poison ivy today. No, I didn't touch it. In the West we have poison oak instead of poison ivy.

...Emily Montfort, one of our supporters and an online friend I had never met face-to-face showed up at Trinity Covenant Church yesterday morning. I was great to meet her. She lives in the Washington, DC area.

...Bookmark for the Mac: full-screen Quick-Time movies without an upgrade.

...Researchers have figured out that Woolly Mammoths probably came in blond, red, grey, and black.

...Bookmark for cheap accommodations:
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