Wednesday, July 12


California vineyard...Global warming may ruin California's wine industry.

...A step in the right direction -- the US government says that we will now treat prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba according to the Geneva Convention.

...We've published an update on our progress toward moving to Guam.

...MySpace is now the #1 destination on the web. I'm not surprised. I'm just curious to see what happens as all of these younger people (the primary users of MySpace) mature. Will they demand that MySpace matures with them? Will they simply move on to other things? Is MySpace driven by a type of socialness that is exclusive to youth?

...What gardening and managing have in common. I've often used the gardening analogy for pastoral ministry -- cycles, need to cultivate, weeding, pest control, lack of ultimate control -- some years the fruit is just better than others for no known reason.
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