Friday, July 21


...Younger people prefer the various text-messaging venues over email. And that's news?

...A new generation -- a new era in world missions. We received one of those missionary prayer reminders for the frig in yesterday's mail. Occasionally missionaries will include a Bible verse along with their picture. This short-term missionary, a new college-grad, had a quote from Bono. Something has changed.

...It appears that India has gone into the blog blocking business -- apparently upset with criticism aimed their way via the blogosphere. They're still trying to figure out the democracy thing.

...Map of Springfield USA -- in case you're planning a vacation -- or just want to figure out how far Bart has to ride his skateboard.

...My theory on the current Israeli-Hizbullah episode is that the two sides were concerned that other crises around the world were getting way too much attention. Since the limelight had shifted from them and their issues to Iraq and North Korea, Israel and Hizbullah have begun to act out to in order to recapture the world's attention. I would recommend family therapy for both countries -- and fast -- before they completely destroy Lebanon -- which has once again been caught in the middle.
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