Sunday, July 23


Las Cruces, NM city logo...One more frivolous lawsuit to garner attention. The city of Las Cruces, New Mexico (one of my favorite towns in the Southwest) is being sued by a couple of guys who want them to remove the three crosses from the city logo. Of course, "Las Cruces" means "the crosses" in Spanish. And the crosses are hardly there to promote religion. The town was founded at a site which had some crosses as grave markers.

...A unique way of mixing church and politics -- in Sweden.

...Cheryl and I was with my parents in Tempe, Arizona, this weekend. The city has a municipal wi-fi service -- but it costs $ to function on most of the system. There are sections which are free -- and they are S L O W and the signal is weak -- even though the antenna is right down the street on the light pole. There has got to be some kind of design issue. I can't imagine that the project will be cost effective -- as is.
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