Thursday, July 27


Turlock Mayor Curt Andre...Mayor Curt Andre says that he isn't going to seek a 5th term. This is a major change for Turlock -- and Curt -- who is a model of statesmanship -- and who is perhaps the most approachable politician out there. No wonder he is so loved. Even when people disagree with him they respect and vote for him!

Now Turlock has to start looking for a successor. Of course, it probably has to be someone who lives on Jackson Ct -- since that seems to be the epicenter of power in Turlock. Curt lives directly across the street from his mayoral predecessor Brad Bates.

...The mainstream media is starting to take note of the uke craze (which has been growing for the last five years). That must mean it's soon in decline. Rats! I was just getting the hang of it!

...A 1,200 year-old copy of the book of Psalms has been unearthed from an Irish bog. Incredible discovery.

...Chicago has passed an ordinance which will require Big Boxes -- stores which occupy more than 90,000 square feet and which are part of companies grossing more than $1 billion annually -- to pay a minimum of $10/hour and $3/hour worth of benefits. The new rule, which will be fully effective by 2010, will affect 35 stores already in Chicago -- e.g. Kmart, Target, Toys 'R' Us, Sears, and Lowes. Wal-Mart is currently building their first Chicago store but are suggesting that it will be their last. This is one more move to drive the growing edge out of the city and into the burbs -- further eroding Chicago's tax-base -- which will make them increase property taxes. What a mess.

...AOL, which is sucking air, will become a completely free service on August 2nd.
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