Friday, July 28


Kent with llamas in northern Chile...The pass through the Andes was closed so Kent didn't make it to Argentina for the break. But he and a couple of friends went to the desert in northern Chile. He's got pictures up on his blog. They're now back in Santiago and they have orientation at their university this morning. has added the TNIV to their search system.

...I keep a fairly close eye on my tomatoes -- and for the first time in five years I noticed yesterday that there were small black pellets at the base of one of the plants -- and some on the leaves -- sure signs that there was a tomato worm at work. It took me five minutes and I had to step back to scan from a distance. But then I spotted him -- perfectly camouflaged along a vine -- chomping on a leaf. Ugly. Vicious. He even put up a fight when I tried to grab him. I won. Pesticide free gardening isn't just healthy gardening -- it's a sport.

...We were able to open up the windows last night -- for the first time in weeks. The cooler delta breezes are back.

...Amazon Grocery is offering $10 off on orders of $49. Those of you who do grocery shopping, how good a deal do you get at Amazon?
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