Friday, August 18

Post Office Experience

This afternoon I had to mail a couple of computers to our remote site in Palau. So I went to the post office in Barrigada.

Since Guam is a US territory and utilizes the US postal system everything was familiar about the operation. However, I was pleasantly surprised by a few things I haven't seen in mainland post offices.

First of all, there was more than enough parking. The people in Turlock would be green with envy.

Secondly, the clerks at the counter had the music turned up -- way up -- and they were rocking out to the Beatles. One clerk was even singing along. And the thing is that no one else in line appeared to think that this was in the least bit unusual. People in this part of the world don't seem uncomfortable about singing in public. It's refreshing.

I keep finding these pleasant surprises about this place.
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