Thursday, August 17


...Faith-based tourism is on the rise. Of course, tourism on a whole is on the rise these days -- with 45% more Americans traveling overseas today than 10 years ago. This may not be such a bad thing -- especially when we consider that people are feeling more isolated than before.

...Leon Morris the great Australian theologian has died at the age of 92. What most people don't realize is that Morris was a mostly self-taught theologian, utilizing the programs of the University of London and Cambridge University.

...The price for homes in Stanislaus County are inching down, says the newspaper story. I already know that. We've made major adjustments to the selling price of our home. And there are lookers -- some serious. But still no offers. I'm thinking that those who can afford to buy right now are hanging back expecting that the prices will go down even more. The other factor is that not as many people are buying homes for rental investments.
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