Wednesday, August 16


...I've become a fully naturalized Guamanian now that I have a Cost U Less Rewards Card.

...Cost of gas on Guam -- $3.459/gallon. Same price everywhere.

...Election season here is a whole lot more interesting than election season anywhere else I've lived (except perhaps Chicago). There are more candidates and more signs than coconut trees. And there are daily political rallies along Marine Corp Drive (the main drag) during commute hours. It may be wild and crazy but you certainly can't accuse people of apathy.

...At least one Subway in Guam gives out stamps for the Customer Appreciation Cards which were phased out from the mainland restaurants because of fraud. Sometimes being in the sticks has advantages.

...The geckos on the window outside my room are busy tonight making chirping noises. They must be looking for company.

...It has been reported that GTA is about to disconnect the Internet from GovGuam buildings because the government has a $300,000 telecommunications tab which hasn't been paid.

...Google is trying to prevent their company name from becoming a verb. It's too late, though. They are victims of their own success. The fact is that I google things every single day.

...Evangelicals have mounted a concerted effort to register millions of new voters. Or more precisely, some evangelicals of a particular political bent have mounted a concerted effort to register millions of new voters. While I am not always sympathetic with the political agendas of these people I do appreciate that they are taking full advantage of the American political system. It's annoying when people are criticized for organizing voters -- the very thing they should be doing if they want to change things. What do the critics want them to do -- riot in the streets instead?

...Kent has a video clip from a soccer game he attended in Chile.
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