Wednesday, August 2


Transparent kayak-canoe...Transparent kayak-canoe -- If it were not for the $1,500 price tag...

...Segway has a new concept vehicle called the Centaur. I still can't afford the no-longer "concept" street scooters they make. Why are all the cool fun things so over priced? (At least by my standards)

...What does the mockingbird in our backyard have in common with the Wal-Mart down the road? They're both 24/7 operations. The Turlock Wal-Mart is now a 24-hour Wal-Mart. The mockingbird has been that way as long as we've lived here. When do they sleep?

...We moved Kirk into his studio apartment on Pine in San Francisco last evening. All of the walking I've done over the past six months has paid off. I didn't feel the least bit winded going up and down the three flights of stairs.

It's a classic building -- even has a built-in refrigerator hooked to a centralized cooling system -- although it stopped working 20 years ago. Now it's just another storage cabinet.

...I've been thinking some more about the comment I made the other day regarding Greg Boyd -- "Most recently he has riled up a few people with his sermons distancing the gospel from conservative politics." I think I want to be more precise. It's not just a distancing of the gospel from conservative politics -- but from politics in general. The point has little to do with whether the agenda is conservative or liberal. The point has everything to do with the alternative nature of "Jesus' kingdom." He was advocating a third way which would ultimately challenge the idea that you could establish righteousness through political means.

...I've been a big Blogger fan for years so it is with affection that I'm suggesting that they really really need to upgrade their spell-checker. There are so many words missing from the dictionary -- important words like Google, blog, blogger...
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