Thursday, August 3


...One of our Covenant churches is having a "U2 Eucharist." I like the congregation which is sponsoring this. And I think that the people involved are of great faith and character. Furthermore, I have nothing against U2. However -- I may be a bit old fashioned in my middle age but I remember when we used to celebrate "Christ's Eucharist" -- and people were drawn together by the presence of the Lord rather than pop stars.

So much of what we do is fad driven. And there is incredible pressure on clergy to catch the wave of the latest thing. It's hard --very hard -- trying to speak the language of the culture when the culture is shallow and faddish. There's a balance somewhere.

ADDITION: Sometimes when we innovate the unintended consequence is that we shift the focus from Christ to the innovative form. This is true whether it is hip-hop worship, a clown liturgy, a jazz service, a contemporary boomer service, or a U2 Eucharist. I'm not saying innovation is wrong -- just that it is difficult to keep the innovation from overshadowing Christ himself. People anticipate and show up to participate in the form -- whatever it is -- and get so caught up in the excitement of the production that they miss the presence.

...Scot McKnight does a good job articulating "third way" thinking. "Here's my thesis: Republicans believe 'what is good for me is good for the nation' and Democrats believe 'what is good for the nation is good for me.' Christians think 'how can I and how can we, as a community of faith, incarnate and diffuse the gospel in the world in which we live?'"

...If you can't beat 'em -- join 'em. CNN has set-up "exchange" -- a site where media consumers become reporters by submitting pictures, video, and stories. So far the submissions mostly look like cute photos of children and animals -- along with pictures from this week's version of the Middle East exchange.

...Kent put up a good post yesterday and he has a new picture on his blog. Kent is our #2 son -- currently doing a semester abroad in Chile.

...Toyota just passed Ford (Ford appears to be having engine trouble and is limping along in the #3 lane) and now sells more cars in the US than any other company except General Motors. At this point GM is no more than a front fender ahead of Toyota.
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