Friday, August 4


...Laptop prices fall 18%. At this pace Nicholas Negroponte's $100 laptops for children around the world may become $10 laptops.

...Japan is planning to have a moon base in operation by 2030.

...A German man using Google Earth has discovered what is being described as a secret Chinese military installation. One more sign of the flattening of the world. Now, anybody can become a military intelligence agent.

...Teachers are selling lesson plans and classroom resources to their colleagues on an online site -- a kind of eBay for educators.

...Liturgical chaos in the Church of England! Symantec's anti-spyware program mistakenly identified and spurred users to delete a critical file in the Visual Liturgy software that 4,500 churches use for worship planning. The problem has been fixed.

...The headline says, "Iraq moves toward civil war." If they are just now moving toward civil war what would you call the insanity up to this point? If you look at things from a long sweep they've been at civil war for years and years and years. The thing which has brought stability in most recent times has been a tyrannical dictator. And once he was removed all settings reverted to default.
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