Saturday, August 5


...I've been having trouble getting a streaming signal from radio station KLTY's website -- an occasional listening post for me. I found an alternative link that seems to work.

...This weekend is a tax holiday in Texas. Most clothing and footwear priced under $100 are exempt from sales and use taxes -- potentially saving shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend. The exemption is timed to help families as they do back-to-school shopping. But it is also an economic shot in the arm for retailers during a slower time of the year.

...As people shop for back to school clothing in Turlock, California they might be tempted to pick up one of those nice looking Pitman High t-shirts that I've seen in stores around town. Caveat emptor -- Pitman only has one "t". Your high school child will be shunned and probably suffer permanent psychological damage requiring years of therapy if she shows up with one of the t-shirts which spells Pitman with two "t"s. Likewise if she gets stuck with one of the shirts which says "Pitman Lions." They are not the Lions. They are the Pride (as in lion pride).

...Mars Hill Audio now has a podcast.

...He may not be all that popular in Waco but in Houston they're eager to get Robert Sloan onboard.

...Goodyear, Arizona, population 46,000, just a bit west of Phoenix, wants to become a college town so they are trying to lure small private colleges to set up programs and branch campuses there.

...Google has started warning Internet users when search results could be leading them onto a site hosting malicious code.
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