Tuesday, August 8


...The Emergent Village has done an excellent job with their website redesign and update.

...A few weeks ago I saw a t-shirt which said, "I may not be smart but I can lift heavy things." I can identify with the owner of that shirt. If I were smart I wouldn't be lifting so many heavy things. Fortunately, I've got friends with hand-trucks and a hydraulic lift. Joe Bonander, Chris Lascano, and Anthony Salafia came over last night and we loaded the appliances and heavy furniture into the cargo container. No injuries. No strained muscles. However, even with all of the moving I've been doing for the past month every muscle in my body is sore.

...Yesterday morning I had blood work done at the Emanuel Lab for a routine physical. The doctor's office called yesterday afternoon to say that I'm normal. I was impressed -- not just that someone thinks I'm normal but that you can get lab results in a non-emergency situation so quickly. Progress.
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