Thursday, August 10


...Packing is still a major focus of our lives. The cargo container is almost loaded. We'll finish up today and then the truck picks it up Friday. I leave for Guam on Saturday. Cheryl leaves in a few weeks. Rusty and Tex are still looking for a new home.

...Bob & Linda Johnson have volunteered to keep the grass cut at our house until it sells. Kurt Palmberg, who is also our real estate agent, will keep things watered. You all make our lives much easier. Thank you!

...Wal-Mart intends to introduce E85, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, to its gas-stations. If they help this ethanol thing catch on will there be enough corn in Iowa to keep it going?

...Bookmark: Windows XP tuneup.

...As far as I can tell, the only impact of the new flight restrictions on my travel plans for this weekend will be that I won't be carrying my water bottle.
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