Sunday, September 10


FSBO in Colorado

...Feed your paranoia -- FSBO, comfortable, underground SW Colorado home built to withstand almost any natural or man-made disaster, $475,000.

...Quote of the day: "Because forgiveness can feel like outrageous injustice, it can be a lengthy process rather than a once-for-all event." Kenneth Boa, Conformed to His Image (p. 51)

...My first fully productive day.

...The whole 9-11 anniversary seemed pretty low-key out here in the middle of the Pacific.

...Terry Mattingly has an insightful piece on how eulogies have changed.

...George Barna isn't really breaking new ground with his report that teens, in spite of all of the energy put into youth ministry, are disengaging from local churches when they become 20-somethings. Perhaps we've worked so hard at having a Christianity that is teen friendly that young people associate it too closely with the teen experience -- which like many other teen experiences is outgrown with adulthood. IOW, their experience of Christianity is so tied up with their adolescence that they can't separate the two when it comes time to move on.

...How the early church did communion.

...Kent Skyped us this morning from his room in Chile. It sounds like things are going well. Although, he is finding teaching to be a challenge. He has an internship in a Chilean high school class of educational misfits. I suspect he's learning a lot.

...Why am I not surprised that Kevin would be attracted to slacklining?

...Church website of the week: The New City Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Cedric Brown is the pastor.
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