Monday, September 11


...Bob Webber, who has through his writing been very influential in my own thinking, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, according an email newsletter distributed yesterday. Scot McKnight has summarized the info -- along with details on the AEF Call.

...Baylor Religion Survey: Americans are less secular than originally thought. Also, the meaning of the word "evangelical" has not only been lost, it has become a negative. A story in the latest issue of CT (not yet online) is making it sound like there is a major movement to bury evangelicalism so that Calvinism can carry the day.

I'm not a part of it. Calvinism is too rigid of a system -- ultimately trying to reduce the message of scripture to a few powerful themes. If we're Christ-centered, though -- and keep the focus on the center -- it's not necessary to work so hard to artificially squeeze everything on the periphery into the system. It's okay to live with some ambiguity -- if Christ is at the center. But, of course, mine is the line of thinking that marks classical evangelicalism. And for some reason we're no longer in vogue -- at least that's what the survey says.

...Microsoft's new search engine is now live.

...To do: try out Webwag when I get some free time -- yet another start page option.
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