Wednesday, September 13


Bugun Liocichla...They've discovered a new bird in that lives in a remote part of northeastern India near China. Very cool looking critter.

...Speaking of birds, why did the chicken cross the road? Because that's just what chickens do on Guam -- back and forth -- ubiquitous chickens. Since most of the other birds on the island have been wiped out by the invasive brown tree snakes perhaps the chicken should be declared the official bird of Guam.

...Greetings to my spiritual formation students who just figured out that I blog. I'll make you a deal. Instead of writing a reflection paper after practicing a new-to-you spiritual discipline for three weeks, you can create your own blog and for at least three weeks post a daily reflection about the Moravian Daily Text of at least two paragraphs. One place to set-up your own blog is at Send me email to let me know that you've chosen this option.

...Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church gets some pretty positive virtual ink in Salon -- although the writer homes in on the feminist issues.
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