Tuesday, September 19


PhoneSpell Logo...Just for fun -- or perhaps profit -- find out what your phone number spells with PhoneSpell. It kept me amused for a few minutes.

On-the-job injuries have sidelined over 2,000 federal air marshals. I can soooo relate. I get cramps when I have to squeeze into those little seats, too.

...Washington Times: "Extremists called yesterday for an Islamic army to march on Rome because of remarks by Pope Benedict XVI, while a well-known Muslim firebrand said in London that the pontiff should face 'capital punishment.'"

So, let me get this right. These people are mad at the pope because they think that he is suggesting that they have violent roots. As a matter of fact, they are so mad at his insinuation that they are violent people that they want to kill him. Of course, those are the extremists. The others are only burning him in effigy. Ironic.

...Most asylum seekers apply to go to the US. France, Britain, Germany, and Canada are the next most popular destinations.

...There's a nasty looking category 4 typhoon called Yagi, which is currently about 700 miles off the coast of Guam. However, it doesn't appear to be moving our direction. Everything looks normal here for the beginning of fall. The only real indicator of seasonal change is the stockpile of Halloween candy and costumes at K-Mart.
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