Friday, September 22


...Covenant pastor Randy Furushima has been named president of Hawai'i Theological Seminary.

...I've added some new pictures to our Guam ministry site.

...A new version of Blogger is in beta, a version with tags/labels.

...Christ Church Plano has formalized an agreement that allows it to leave the Episcopal Church and retain its property. The church, which was one of the largest in the Episcopal Church (USA) denomination, has temporarily come under the oversight of the Anglican bishop of Peru.

...We had the second day of student sermons in my preaching class today. Everyone who has spoken has been really really good. And we had a couple of women who really shined. My thinking is that the men in the class are somehow giving them special permission to speak so powerfully in their presence. My understanding is that Micronesian women will do a cultural stand-down in the presence of men. But I think that the men have been so encouraging and open that the women are feeling free to preach with authority and conviction. In a sense their success is directly related to the openness of the men in the class.
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