Monday, September 25


...One thing that is hard to adjust to in Guam is the fact that every time I walk out of the grocery store my glasses steam up and I can't see a thing until I find my way to the car, feel the key into the door and ignition, and then turn the air conditioning on. Other than that the tropical humidity, which hovers at about 90%, isn't too bad.

...One of the many wonderful discoveries that we've made on Guam is Black Chocolate. Other than the front of the wrapper, all the labeling is in Japanese so you don't ever have to worry about calories, fat, or anything else related to nutrition. Because of the English name we guessed that it was dark semi-sweet chocolate when we first spotted it in an Asian grocery store. And we were delightfully correct.

...Things I miss about life in Turlock (other than the obvious -- family, friends, church...): free shipping on books, eating Polish at Costco three times a week, getting my daily Diet Coke at Circle K, not having a place to live (tends to lead to chaos -- we're moving to a new three-week house-sitting gig today), not having a garden (yet). Ah, but we're on a God-driven adventure. No complaints. No home-sickness. After six nomadic weeks I'm still convinced that Guam is a great place to be.

...We've made airline reservations for Kent and Betsy to join us at Christmas. We're still waiting to find out if Kirk's company will give him the time off. is reporting that Bank of America customers have now withdrawn over $7 million from the bank in response to their handling of the Matthew Shinnick incident. The bank mistakenly had him arrested and then refused to reimburse him $14,000 in legal fees.

All ethical and public relations issues aside, that sounds like it was a poor business move on their part. Still, it's probably going to take more than $7 million dollars to get the bank's attention.

Clark Howard is a level-headed talkshow host who deals with consumer advocacy issues. He called for his listeners to withdraw their money from Bank of America and after two days they have reported withdrawals totaling over $7 million.
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