Thursday, October 5

The Bike

I spent six hours in a meeting today -- a meeting which should have taken two. It's a long story. But at the end I just had to get my bike out and go for a short ride -- my first since arriving on Guam.

I really didn't go very far or onto any main streets. It's pretty dangerous out on the main roads. But even on the back streets you have to deal with boonie dogs and chickens -- the former of which you're trying to keep from making a meal of your ankles and the later of which you're trying to avoid grinding into the pitted pavement.

One of the more interesting things about riding the bike, though, is that it is so unusual here that everyone seems to notice it -- and comment on it. If you want to meet people on Guam ride down their street on a bike and someone will stop you to ask about it.

I wonder how many people know how to ride. I wonder how many secretly wish they could ride. Simple pleasures that Westerners take for granted.
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