Friday, October 6


St Joseph statue...No, we do not intend to bury a statue of St Joseph in the yard to help move our Turlock property. If St Joe is on an intercessory mission for homesellers there is no reason to even suspect that he cares diddly-squat about whether people bury a statue of him in a yard. If anything I think he'd be insulted that he was being invoked in such a trite manner -- as a good luck charm -- a religious rabbit's foot.

It sounds like someone has a great fundraiser going, though.

...Worth noting -- Keith Drury on Problem Based learning (PBL) -- "There is no Syllabus for Life"

...There is a NY Times article on the loss of evangelical youth and the "panic" that it has created in the minds of some church leaders. The finger pointing is toward the secularization of society. My sense, though, is that a lot of it has to do with over-programming youth discipleship and the inconsistencies young people see between the right-wing politics of evangelicalism and the gospel -- that is, lack of integrity.

...Citing irregularities, the Attorney General of Guam, who lost big time in the primary election, is seeking to have that election thrown out by the Superior Court. Just one more way to waste money and jockey for power on this little rock in the middle of the Pacific.

...There is a move afoot in the Netherlands to create a Muslim only hospital. Over the years other faiths have created hospitals -- except they haven't done so with the intent of excluding others. People of all faith persuasions are welcomed at Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant hospitals.
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