Sunday, October 8


...Dan Whitmarsh is listed as a contributor in Mark Baker's forthcoming book Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross: Contemporary Images of the Atonement. This all came about when Dan was one of Mark's students at Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary in Fresno.

...As best as I can remember I've not been sick on a Sunday for at least 22 years. But the flu that's been making its way through the PIBC family hit me at about 2 a.m., Sunday. I'm feeling better now -- functioning at about 85%. But it all reminded me of my friend Tom Walker who because of some medical malpractice years ago ended up with a reconstructed intestinal system. He feels like he has the flu pretty much everyday.

...70% of the French people support a new ban on smoking in public which will go into effect January 2008.

...Fuller Theological Seminary is starting a Houston, Texas operation.

...US government officials say Cuban President Fidel Castro is suffering from terminal cancer -- Cuban government officials say "not so." Some things never change.

...The banks in the rest of the US are closed today because of Columbus Day. In Guam they're closed because of Discovers' Day.
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