Tuesday, October 10

The scoop on citrus on Guam

CalamansiSomehow the Guam distributor of Coca-Cola hasn't figured out that there is more than one kind of Diet Coke. For example, they don't know what Diet Coke Caffeine-Free or Diet-Coke with Lime are.

I figured out a solution to the lime problem, though -- calamansi. A few drops of calamansi juice in Diet Coke does wonders for the flavor. Now I'm wondering why the US hasn't figured out about calamansi.

The Filipinos call them limes. This citrus is a kumquat-size fruit which is common in yards on Guam. However, I doubt that the calamansi is a true lime. I would guess that it's really just a small very acidic mandarin orange.

Many people squeeze the juice to make a lemonade-like drink (requires lots of sugar).

I've been asking plant people on Guam if anyone grows Key limes. They look at me funny and then I say, "Sometimes they're called West Indies limes or Mexican limes."

Nope, they've never heard of them.

I figured out tonight that perhaps I should be asking about dayaps. Dayap is the Filipino name for Key lime. I still don't know if anyone grows them here but there are enough Filipinos around that someone should know what I'm asking for.

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water -- dayap lime pie.

Thank you for humoring me when I start to ramble about citrus. It's just one of my things.
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