Monday, October 16


...Quotable: "...Satan can oppress us only while are are controlled by the flesh. He cannot defeat the life of Christ in us." -- Ken Boa, Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation, p. 114. (This is the text that my spiritual formation students are reading. Warning! This quote might appear on a quiz in some way shape or form!)

...Church website of the week -- Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC. See for yourself.

...The water is out in our part of Mangilao tonight. We had pressure problems this morning but now there is nothing to pressurize. The little Chuukese kids who live next door are probably lost since they play with the hose almost all day long. When they're not playing with it their mothers are using it to wash clothes outside -- the old fashioned way -- applying soapy water, then beating the clothing on the concrete, followed by a rinse from the hose -- if the children are kind enough to share. But none of that is happening right now.

...We're supposed to move tomorrow to our fourth living situation since arriving on Guam two months ago. However, we'll see if the people for whom we are currently housesitting make it back from the States tomorrow. They are scheduled to fly through Hawaii but travel through there is messed up because of the earthquake and related power outages.

...Roman Catholic "ultraconservatives" should be happy. The Pope is once again allowing the regular use of the pre-Vatican 2 Latin Mass.

..."Just one word -- plastic." At least one DC cafe no longer accepts cash.
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