Tuesday, October 17


...It arrived with the mail today -- the first large print Bible that I've purchased for myself. Of course, I only plan to use it when my eyes are tired. :-)

...The duplex apartment that we were going to move into today wasn't ready. So, we're back at Dave and Joyce Owen's -- which is actually where our bed has been stored for a few weeks. So we get to sleep in our own bed tonight for the first time in two months.

...Quotable: "Premoderns placed their trust in authority. Moderns lost their confidence in authority and placed it in human reason instead. Postmoderns kept the modern distrust of authority but lost their trust in reason and have found nothing to replace it. This is the crux of postmodern thought." -- Heath White, Postmodernism 101: A First Course for the Curious Christian, p. 41 (A great little easy and fun primer on postmodernism and the preceeding Western world views -- a must read for anyone who is still trying to figure out all this "postmodern stuff.")
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