Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving program...We received an offer on our California house today. Keep praying, please.

...We found Cheryl's missing clothes. We had stashed them in our dryer when we packed the container in California. But we've had the appliance in storage at PIBC because we don't yet have a place to hook it up; so we hadn't opened it up. When I woke up this morning the ole brain had processed the mystery enough to send me looking there.

...We did Thanksgiving dinner with the students and staff at PIBC -- that was fun! Cheryl was up a little after 6 a.m. to get our 28 pound contribution to dinner into the oven. There were a few minutes of confusion before we found where we had stashed the turkey pan. Dinner line(Camping -- even in a house gets old.) I think there were four turkeys as well as a ham -- along with all the trimmings.

...In the evening we were at Jeff & Mary Johnson's with a few others, sitting around and chatting after a round of cards, when the earthquake hit. It was a nice shake -- no damage -- not even one panicked look.
May the turkey carver Joyce in her Indian uniform
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