Thursday, November 23


...This is National Bible Week. My general all-around favorite English translation these days is the TNIV. But I also use the ESV for study and depend on the NLT and CEV for clarity (especially when working with youth and English as Second Language readers). One of the up and coming translations for serious students is the NET -- the first truly electronic translation of the Bible. It comes from a bunch of Dallas Theological Seminary scholars -- and their friends -- with major input from Internet readers.

...I didn't know that some of the IVP New Testament commentaries were available online for free. I always learn something new when I visit Ultra Rev's blog.

...No surprise, but still major news -- the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin (Central Valley of California) is attempting to leave the Episcopal Church. Up to this point the exit has mainly involved individuals and parishes (congregations). The diocese consists of 50 parishes.

...The number of Cowboy churches is growing. I suppose such churches are good for people who don't want to mix it up with Indians or city slickers. And perhaps that's the problem. While missionally expedient (I'm certain that a lot of outstanding things are happening in these churches), I would again suggest that the theology of doing church in a way that targets a tightly niched sub-cultural is fragile and ultimately undercuts the radical nature of the gospel.

...Bookmark: TV on the web -- links for those looking for online video content.

...Putting Christ back in the YMCA -- LA Times article.

...The Filipinos will land first. The Marines will follow. One of the few things I've figured out since moving to Guam is that if all the low-paid Filipino laborers decided to take a day off most of Asia would come to a screeching halt.
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