Sunday, November 5


...Making your Christmas wishlist? How about a SnowFluke!

Actually, I'd like to buy a Fluke someday but probably not a SnowFluke. The natural/tenor would suit me better.

A Fluke is a type of ukulele with a surprisingly rich sound -- largely due to the unique shape and hardshell back.

I bet that someone on your Christmas list might actually get a kick out of the SnowFluke. Warning -- they're not cheap. But you can't go wrong with a uke -- especially if it's a Fluke. At least that's how I see it. :-)

...Bookmark: Mike's Ukulele Page -- everything you need to know for playing your new SnowFluke!

...Keith Drury is wondering -- "How come so many 'big guys' get caught in sexual indiscretion? My thinking is that they all need ukes to keep from taking themselves too seriously.

...Kent met Hans Blix.

...Church website of the week -- Church of the Exiles in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They are a little off the wall but I appreciate their commitment to maintaining a level of connecteness beyond themselves. They are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of Canada. Their use of a blog as the church website fits well with the dynamic nature of this new church plant.

...We get 2.5 television stations on Guam -- via broadcast (We'd be paying $51.14/month to the cable company if we got "basic" from them -- no consumer satellite coverage in this part of the world = no competition). The one that comes in best is KUAM channel 8 -- but they've almost preempted all programming so they can show the same political commercials over and over and over again.

After tomorrow things should return to their normal level of static.
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