Monday, November 6


...Banks are asking the Federal Reserve for more $2 bills. Last year they ordered $122 million in $2 notes -- twice as many as they usually ask for.

What exactly are the banks doing with those bills? As far as I can tell they aren't putting them into circulation. I'm not sure what we'd do with them if they did. No one has been able to persuade the designers of cash registers that there should be drawer space for the $2 note. But the demand continues to grow.

...Finland, Iceland, and New Zealand are in a three-way tie as the least corrupt countries, according to information released by Transparency International. The US and Chile are sharing the #20 spot.

...The Oakland A's are leaving Oakland -- or so it appears.

...Somebody educate me. The polls are closed. The election is over. The votes are being counted. But they're still running the political commercials on television. Interpretation please. I'm new to Guam.
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