Saturday, November 11


...Peter Lumpkins has an interview with Roger Olson on Arminianism. Part 1 \ Part 2 \ Part 3. I understand that there might be a part 4 on the way.

I happen to be in the middle of Roger Olson's new book Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities link \ link. It's actually a pretty easy read but I've not had enough time to do it justice. I need to get through it, though, because I've been told that I'm probably going to teach a class in soteriology (study of salvation) next semester.

My own thinking, formed during my reading of the early church fathers and how they understood scripture, tends to be somewhat synergistic. (I'm not at all hard core on this -- just an observation of how I tend to approach scripture.) So I find the way that Olson expresses the notion of synergistic salvation to be of particular interest.

If you don't know what I just said, you can read Peter Lumpkins' interview and you'll get the Reader's Digest version of the book -- not too complicated once you learn the lingo.

...Cheryl and I have been hanging out with the good folks at the Lutheran Church of Guam. But tomorrow we won't be there because I'm preaching at Guam United Methodist Church. Cheryl works 15/hours a week in their office and their pastor Daisy Ho has become a good friend to us.

...Paradigm shift in youth ministry. Even Time magazine has noticed that the emphasis on fun and games is over.

...I'm just learning about coconuts. But from everything I know so far, the tree dropping coconuts in this commercial isn't a coconut tree. However, the commercial is mildly amusing.

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