Saturday, November 11


...The TNIV translation of the Bible is now available online utilizing the Real Player audio format. Numerous readers. Listen for free.

...One in six college students in the US (about 3.2 million people) took at least one online course last fall. And the numbers are rising.

...Is web 3.0 possible? NY Times article

...Email etiquette rule #242: Never send something as an attachment if the information can be embedded into the email itself. Attachments are a pain in the butt and not as easy to manage as the emails they are attached to.

...I made my first purchase today -- $17.34 for the Cars DVD (including shipping) -- even cheaper than -- at least for shipping to Guam. The cheapest I've seen it on Guam is $23+ (including tax). There is no Wal-Mart on Guam -- only the world's largest and most profitable K-Mart.
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