Sunday, November 12


...Church website of the week -- New Life Worship Community -- the reinvention of First Covenant Church, San Jose, California, where I grew up. This is a great little church which reached its heyday in the late 50's/early 60's -- but which has struggled ever since to keep up with the changing community -- including the growing multi-cultural mix and the emergence of the Silicon Valley phenomena. It hasn't been an easy transition -- lots of bunny trails over the years -- some misunderstanding, hurt feelings, mistakes, and controversy -- but at least they're on the move. Revitalizing an old church has got to be a thousand times more difficult than starting a new one.

...More than you think you want to know about Kumbaya.

...If the exodus continues at the current rate there are not going to be any Palestinian Christians left in the Holy Land in 60 years. "The native Palestinian Christian population has dipped below 2 percent of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab East Jerusalem, down from 15 percent or more a half-century ago, by some estimates. Meanwhile, the Muslim Palestinian birthrate is among the highest in the world." -- Washington Times

...Perhaps I'll paint a mural somewhere in our next house.

...Burger King -- the movie? It's all a part of an original content marketing strategy.

I suspect that perhaps some food improvement would raise their share of the market, too. Then if they actually put a little money into restaurant maintenance -- kept the restrooms clean, wiped the tables -- that kind of thing -- back to the basics -- the King might rule the fastfood world! No movie necessary.
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