Saturday, November 18


...I've uploaded some PIBC photos from Island Formal Day and the Spiritual Emphasis Weekend Retreat at Rios Beach.

...The French are embracing evangelical Christianity. The figure is now up to 2% of the population, which is major growth.

...Archbishop Anthony Apuron (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Agana) is encouraging lawmakers to begin discussing ways to make Guam a "gambling-free island." Pretty gutsy. The church stopped using bingo and raffles in 1997 so they could maintain a credible voice against organized gambling.

...SM, a department store chain from the Philippines, has opened a store on Guam. I'm not sure how to describe it -- perhaps an Asian fusion of Wal-Mart and Mervyn's. Anyway, it was packed today when we bought some flip-flops and a candle. The competition should be good for Guam.
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