Sunday, November 19

Daily Texts / WatchWords

Copies of the 2007 Daily Texts are now available. These are Bible texts selected annually by the Moravian Church and printed in book form since 1731. I use the version that is published by Mount Carmel Ministries and which contains extras such as Luther's Small Catechism, the Lectionary, and several prayer formats. There is also some room for journaling. This is a great little devotional book.

A single copy is about $9. If you order 10 or more they are $6 each, with additional breaks for quantity orders. Mount Carmel Ministries provided free copies for my spiritual formation class this semester.

Many of the German Liebenzell missionaries out here in the Pacific also use the same Daily Text -- although their version is called "Losungen" -- or "WatchWords." There are several online versions of the same thing, including a downloadable program which generates the appropriate text for each day (German or English versions). The Moravian Church in North America offers a daily email with the text. However, none of these great tools have the nice feel and appearance of the Mount Carmel edition.
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