Thursday, November 30


x-ray vision...Maybe the TSA has taken the x-ray thing too far. Is this the necessary price for security? What do you think?

...Apparently it wouldn't bother Britney. She's really gone off the deep end. Although, I suppose the further off you go the more you're noticed -- and when you're addicted to attention... But at some point hopefully we all realize that there is more to life than being noticed and all that goes with attention. There is God created dignity and purpose.

...Incredible! 1 in every 32 Americans is in jail/prison or is on probation/parole. There are some significant racial disparities. But that's not new news.

...Typhoon Durian tore things up in the Philippines -- winds at 139 mph. At this point at least 388 people have been killed in PI -- although there is some confusion because they got hit with a volcanic eruption during the passing of the storm!

...Google Groups has a new format. Very nice.

...There is also a major update on Google Spreadsheets. Publish to .pdf, xls, html... OR embed them in your blog. Coolness factor is on the rise with this product.

...The Pope took a bow toward Mecca. Hmm... There is such a thing as trying too hard.

...Urban Cactus building -- creative housing in Rotterdam.
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