Thursday, December 21


...It only feels like Friday. The campus is soooo deserted. I got soooo much done today.

...A group of 10 of our students left today for the PIBC vacation mission trip to Yap.

..."Virgin birth" in a species that doesn't ordinarily do parthenogenesis -- Komodo dragons.

...Guam's politicians are blaming the US government for the territory's bleak financial situation. (And it's bad.) But it's not the US's fault. More representation won't make a bit of difference in this setting. The problem is the political circus atmosphere where everybody thinks they're entitled to more and more of the pie. It's people elected to office or hired to work in important government jobs not because they have the education and background for the task but because they're from well-connected extended families. It's incompetence in GovGuam and related agencies. It's poorly written Guam laws which explode into very expensive litigation entangling the court system. Its unwillingness to raise taxes to cover expenses. It's failure of government officials to simply follow the policies and procedures they've created for themselves (everyone loves a short-cut around here). While the feds have made lots of mistakes on Guam the primary problem at this point in history is local. As Pogo put it, "We have met the enemy and he is us."
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