Friday, December 29


...Everything is bigger in Texas! It appears that some good natured artists are fixin' to put a giant "geostationary banana" in orbit over the Lone Star State for a month. I hope they end up doing it. But the fact that French-Canadians are behind the scheme may get Homeland Security all worked up. Then, of course, there are the problems associated with the laws of physics.

...Cheryl adapted my favorite Key Lime pie recipe and made Calamansi pie. The flavor is definitely milder than Key Lime pie -- but definitely very good -- and definitely worth a repeat.

...I'm filling in for Pastor Jeff Johnson at the Lutheran Church of Guam's 10 a.m. service of worship (one service instead of the usual two because of the New Year's holiday). Jeff is a part of the 10 member LCG mission trip to Pohnpei this week.

...The paperwork for the sale of our house didn't make it back to California to complete the closing of the deal by the end of the year. So everything is on hold until next week sometime. Apparently, for some reason FedEx routed it through Anchorage, Alaska and then Newark, New Jersey -- instead of sending it directly to California. I'm less than impressed. If we had sent it Priority Mail through the Post Office it would have arrived sooner.

...Saddam Hussein is dead. But no one should expect that will improve things. To the contrary -- violence tends to feed violence.
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