Friday, January 5

Getting rich on the Internet

I was looking at the 2006 summary of the referral fees I earned from the sale of books, and electronics -- and even kitchen appliances(!) -- through the link to the right -- $132.15. No, I'm not getting rich. In fact, I'm not keeping any of it. I've been turning those commissions into books for the PIBC library.

The PIBC library is actually quite small at this point -- 13,500 volumes. And even though it is larger than what most of our students have ever had access to, most will probably never stop to consider where all those books came from. That kind of thing isn't on their radar at this point in their lives. But that doesn't lessen the benefit they receive from the donations -- including those generated through the link on this page.

Thank you for your help. In a quiet way you are blessing the students -- who will in turn become blessings in some very needy places.
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