Friday, January 5


...I'm so old that I remember when hard-drives were measured in megabytes. Then came gigabytes. And now in 2007 they are introducing terabyte drives. For those who care, a terabyte is a trillion bytes, or a million megabytes, or 1,000 gigabytes. I suppose the next step up might be googlebytes.

...GovGuam has a new and improved website.

..."Two Hawaiian outrigger canoes are preparing to leave this weekend on the first leg of an epic voyage from Hawaii to Micronesia." That's a long paddle. They're going to have really sore muscles.

...An extra warm winter means petroleum is less in demand -- which means prices are dropping -- radically. However, on Guam, prices are going the other way. Right after Christmas gas jumped up to $3/gallon. It had been down at $2.92/gallon -- the lowest price in a few years.

...It was a great day for mail today -- the new PIBC car stickers came. Two books, Tom Wright's The Meal Jesus Gave Us and Stan Grenz' outstanding plain English theology primer Theology for the Community of God, came. And then the free Ubuntu (Linux operating system for non-geeks) discs which I plan to use to recycle some of the old PCs at school came. (I really like the feel of the Ubuntu and the price is hard to argue over.) A good mail day.

...Melissa made it to Yap -- where there are no malls or McDonald's. Of course, less than 7,000 people live in the entire state, and they're spread over 130 islands.
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