Sunday, December 31

More random

...The Japanese economy is slowing down. This could affect Guam, where Japanese tourism is a major component of the island's economy.

...The New Year parties in our area went on until sunrise -- in spite of wind and rain.

...The Post Office, along with other federal agencies, will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday) in honor of President Ford. When was the last time that the Post Office has been closed for three days in row? I can't remember that happening in recent history.

...The FedEx package containing the paperwork for the sale of our California house left Guam on the 27th, went to Anchorage, Alaska; then Newark, New Jersey; and now six days later it has made its way to Memphis, Tennessee. It was supposed to be delivered in California on the 28th -- not a big deal since we are 18 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (Mail and cargo often arrives in California "before" it was sent from Guam). Keep this information filed away for use the next time someone starts ranting about how privatization of mail delivery is the cure-all for postal inefficiency.

...The broken Internet cable that has affected service in Asia won't be fixed for another 15 days. That, in and of itself, could affect the global economy in a major way. Life is fragile. Even technology is no guarantee of a better more reliable life.

Iraq map...The culture of death marches on. As of yesterday the US military has lost 3,000 people in Iraq. Others: Britain 127, other nations 123. Estimates of Iraqi deaths -- military between 4,900 and 6,375 -- civilians between 52,139 and 57,707. The conflict has now gone on longer than WWII.

IF there is any good news in this it can be found in the contrast with death counts from previous conflicts. For example, 58,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War, 36,000 in the Korean conflict, 405,000 in World War II, and 116,000 in World War I, according to Defense Department figures.
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