Sunday, December 31


...Happy New Year from Guam -- "where America's day begins..." Yes, 2007 has already arrived here. The partying started early yesterday afternoon with our neighbors gathering to drink beer, listen to loud music, and fight their cocks. The loud music is now being drown out by fireworks and gunshots. It may take a week for the island to recover from the collective hang-over.

...They had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Christmas music on television last evening. There is incredible irony in the way that they passionately embrace some very ancient Christmas music while totally disregarding the ancient faith which produced the music. There is a major disconnect there.

...Putting Gen Y workers, Gen X workers, and Boomer workers together in the same office produces some unique challenges -- challenges which go beyond the traditional generational differences -- at least in the US.

...I've done a Heroes marathon these past few evenings and have more or less figured out what's going on ("Save the cheerleader, save the world.") -- thanks to, which has linked to sites where the first 11 episodes, many with French subtitles, are posted. (NBC has the past episodes on their website but they are blocked to Internet servers outside the continental US.) My favorite character is Hiro Nakamura.

...It's Monday -- and my church website of the week is Lifesong Christian Communities -- a Lutheran church plant in Newbury Park, California. They are a home church network -- sort'a.
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