Saturday, January 6


Theophany Icon...Today is Epiphany -- the Christian celebration of the revelation of Christ to the world. In the Western Church we associate the feast with the arrival of the pagan magi who followed a star to Bethlehem and acknowledged the King of the Jews. In the Eastern Church the feast is called "Holy Theophany" and they mark the revelation of Jesus' identity at his baptism. (The Western Church -- at least those parts which are attuned to the calendar -- will celebrate the Baptism of Jesus tomorrow.)

...Cheryl and I split a huge plate of Shirley's fried rice this evening, then took a stroll through the Agana Shopping Center. Much to my delight we discovered JB's Ukulele Hut and the owner Jeff Borja. Nice selection -- cool little shop -- opened December 15th -- great guy. The Agana Shopping Center, which has undergone a major transformation since we first set foot on Guam 14 months ago, just kicked it up another notch.

...Google Universe

...Very fine newspaper story on Jack Hayford, whom I greatly respect.

...Rosalynn Carter, someone else worthy of respect, has been ordained as a Baptist deacon -- at the age of 79.

...Another quiet leader worthy of great respect, but not nearly so old, is Brad Nassif. His article "Will the 21st Be the Orthodox Century?" appeared in the December issue of CT.

...What can the church learn from the Crypto-Christians of Japan?

...For Betsy (and any other creatives): "How to make duct tape roses" (via)

...We just found out today that our friends Lee & Ellen Robinson, who were a part of our church plant in Texas but who now live in Colorado, have been making trips back and forth to Kenya. Ellen is a nurse and Lee is a geologist/engineer-kind-of-guy who can do all kinds of stuff. They've been helping at Shangilia, an AIDS orphanage in western Kenya. Middle-aged boomer Christians -- with a few extra dollars and some flexibility in schedule -- getting to do the kinds of things they've always dreamt of.
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