Saturday, January 6


...A really hot sermon:

...Icy problem in Florida.

...The Mission (Covenant) Church of Sweden and the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden have signed an ecumenical agreement recognizing “each other as apostolic churches, participating in the Church of Christ … holding the same confession of the apostolic faith” and “the same understanding of the sacraments...”

...Cheryl and I were a part of a group leading worship music at the Men's Prison tonight. We really enjoyed the men -- and the time. They know how to sing! I was impressed, too, with the staff. Sometimes prison guards can be grumpy, stern, and distant. But all the staff we encountered had a nice blend of professionalism and warmth. They even chatted with prisoners -- without talking down to them. It was definitely prison but of all the prisons and jails I've visited over the years it was one of the least oppressive.

...I'm missing the students. Why does the semester break have to be so long?
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