Thursday, February 1

I'm still alive...

I know that I owe about a thousand people email and I'm wanting to catch up on blogs. But I've been spending every extra moment these past few weeks painting the condo. There is, however, light at the end of the latex enamel tunnel. And we've started to move a few things in.

Unfortunately, the cable company won't be able to transfer the Internet connection until Friday the 9th, That's the bad news. The good news is that when I went to the cable company to arrange the transfer I found out that cable TV is included in the monthly condo common area maintenance fees. It's so expensive otherwise that we had planned on not having cable TV.

Lots of pleasant surprises associated with this new condo -- even the homeowners' insurance has a bonus. We noticed when we were reading the fine print that we have hole-in-one insurance in the policy. If either of us makes a hole-in-one the insurance company pays us a couple hundred bucks. That must have something to do with the Japanese influence in this area. If a Japanese golfer gets a hole-in-one he is expected to throw a party. That means that his guests will bring gifts. And that, of course, places a burden on him to give expensive gifts in return. Thus the need for insurance.

I don't think the insurance company has to worry about us trying to collect on that one.
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