Tuesday, January 30


...I've got my wings back. Last month I had to send my passport to the mainland so I could get it renewed. The new one came in the mail today. I can now travel again. I probably got one of the last old style chipless US passports.

...The Guam K-Mart added a large Craftsman tool section last month. Now they're putting in a huge Kenmore appliance department. Are the surviving K-Marts all morphing into Sears stores? Maybe the surviving Sears stores are morphing into K-Marts. Those two companies were meant for each other.

...Still painting the condo. We finally got all the texture off the master bedroom ceiling. It now has three coats of paint on the concrete -- I'll perhaps give it two or three more. But it's starting to look good.

...They found a way to add an intro to Japanese class at PIBC. There was a major line after chapel this morning to sign-up. I'm surprised at how many of our students already speak some Japanese. It's considered a life skill in this part of the world. I'm always impressed when I go into K-Mart and I hear the check-out clerks speaking pretty fluent Japanese with the tourists.
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