Sunday, February 25

On base

Cheryl and I spent most of the weekend on Guam's two military bases. All day Saturday and Sunday morning we were in the community center on "Big Navy" helping with the Alpha retreat. In the evening we were on Andersen Air Force base for the PIBC prayer meeting at Aaron and Hollie Schaub's place.

Aaron, who flies Navy helicopters, took us for a tour of his workplace (Yes, the Navy has facilities on the Air Force base. Instead of having to duplicate aviation support systems on each base they work together. Sometimes the government makes sense.). Melissa Heck, who took this picture, has more on her blog.

It's always so interesting being on base because everything is so clean, orderly, and maintained there -- compared to the general messiness, chaos, and deterioration on the rest of the island. Guam is definitely a exercise in cultural fluidity.
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