Sunday, February 25

Retiree generation gap

Boomers are still stressing their parents! This time the tension centers over what kind of a place retirement centers should be. The older generation is annoyed that the boomers and their expectations are taking over -- and that it's going to cost them! Or so they think.

When I was on the management advisory committee at Covenant Village of Turlock we started an expansion which included not only additional apartments but also Covenant Village of Turlock expansionamenities which the incoming generation seems to want -- more fitness equipment, covered pool, more food choices... And as in the SF Chronicle article the existing residents were not too keen on it all. They felt, and perhaps still do, that this wasn't what they signed up for and that it was all going to end up costing them more in the long run.

With Covenant Village the way they capitalize projects means that the improvements will not end up costing the existing residents more (which many residents don't understand -- no matter how it is explained) -- but it certainly isn't what they signed up for. They've lived with construction for two years now. And there will be more people living on the site. AND it will be three stories instead of one.

I really think, though, that they'll end up liking it once the dust settles. If I remember correctly the new building is supposed to open next month.
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