Tuesday, February 6


...For the first time in perhaps 15 years I'm missing the Covenant Midwinter Conference this year. And in spite of the fact that the Covenant has an unwritten policy about holding the conference in insanely cold places (we wouldn't want our churches thinking that we're having too much fun) I miss seeing and being with my people. I would have enjoyed hearing William Willimon, too. A webcast would be nice -- and connectional!

...With the help of some PIBC students and staff we moved the last of the heavy stuff yesterday afternoon and then in the evening Cheryl and I finished loading the last boxes. IOW, we're completely out of the apartment and into the condo. I even turned in the old keys last night. It's a bit cluttered with boxes everywhere but it feels good to finally have everything in one place.

...Since they didn't show most of the Superbowl commercials out here I've been catching up online (although we don't have Internet at the new place until Friday). The game was good but once again the commercials are definitely more entertaining with some really good storytelling. Now, if the Bears had kept things tighter that would have been a story worth telling.

My favorite commercials (so far):
+ The Doritos Crash (winner of the contest)
+ The Blockbuster Mouse
+ The Bud Light Wedding
+ The Bud Light Classroom
+ The Bud Light Slap
+ The Bud Light Gorillas

If I were a beer drinker -- Then again I do watch DVD's -- but haven't been to Blockbuster in years and the cute animation commercial probably won't change my shopping habits. And we buy whichever Western Family chips are on sale. I do appreciate the entertainment, though.
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